Update for UralTone effect kits instructions

All of our battery operated effect pedals uses type 12B stereo jack for input. We supply kits with two different jacks. These have different pinout, two jacks are mirrored by looks.

These jack are easy to recognise by view from top side:

If the tip contact, the longer pin is on top (left side jack on picture above), wiring is done by instructions or by pictures. Wires are connected straight from pin to solder lug. Wires won't cross each other.

If tip contact is lower one (the jack pictured on right on picture above), white and green wires are soldered across, to opposite pins on jack.

Input jack wiring like on instructions / pictorial guides.

Input jack (UT 12B) wiring with white and green wires crossed.

Both examples are using v2.1 FS board with two wires to output jack. If the instructions doesn't have this wire but the kit is suppiled with v2.1 board, solder the black grounding wire.