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  1. Wire tie
    €0.40 €0.32

    Wire tie used eg. in guitar combos to attach the mains  cable to the amp body. Learn More
  2. Self adhersive wire clip
    €0.35 €0.28 As low as €0.30

  3. Cable tie, black, 100mm, 100pcs bag
    €2.00 €1.61

    Cable tie, lenght 100mm, width 2,5mm Learn More
  4. Self adhersive wire clip FC-1
    €0.25 €0.20

    L: 13mm, W 9.5mm, H: 5.2mm Learn More
  5. Self adhersive wire clip AP-0810
    €0.50 €0.40

  6. Cable tie, black, 150mm, 100pcs
    €2.50 €2.02

    Cable tie, lenght 150mm, width 3,6mm Learn More
  7. Self adhersive wire clip 6J-S with screw hole
    €0.40 €0.32

  8. Cable tie, black, 75mm, 100pcs
    €1.30 €1.05

    Cable tie, lenght 75mm, width 2,2mm Learn More
  9. Cable tie anchor 19x19mm for cable fixing
    €0.35 €0.28

  10. UralTone pedalboard wire fixing set (171pcs) - Large
    €19.00 €15.32

    Wire fixing set for pedalboards. All the items are high quality and will work for years in professional use.

    Set includes:

    • 100pcs black 100mm cable tie
    • 20pcs black self adhesive cable tie anchor
    • 1pcs black electri tape
    • 10pcs blac self adhesive wire clip (adjustable)
    • 10pcs velcro cable tie hook & loop (very handy especially when board is covered with velcro (like Palmer pedalbay)
    • colourful wire markers at the image are NOT included.
    Learn More
  11. Cable tie, black, 142mm, 100pcs
    €2.50 €2.02

    Cable tie, lenght 142mm, width 2.5mm Learn More
  12. Cable tie hook & loop 16 x 1.6 cm, black
    €0.70 €0.56

  13. Cable tie hook & loop 30 x 2.0 cm, black
    €1.00 €0.81

    Handy velcro loop for hooking cables. Learn More
  14. Markers for cables and wires (2.5-4mm) 30pcs
    €3.00 €2.42

    Handy markers for wires and cables. Can also be used in pedal boards to mark Cioks DC cables… Learn More
  15. Cable tie with label field, white, 100mm, 10pcs bag
    €1.00 €0.81

    Cable tie with label field, lenght 100mm, width 2,5mm. Price per 10pcs Learn More
  16. Cable tie anchor 19x19mm for cable fixing - WHITE - 10pcs
    €2.00 €1.61 As low as €1.60

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