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  1. CBB polyester capacitor kit - 10 values, total 100pcs - 100V
    €8.50 €6.85

    Polyesterkondensaattorisarja - 10 arvoa 10nF - 470nF yhteensä 100 kondensaattoria. Jännitekesto 100V Learn More
  2. Inductor kit 2.2uH - 10mH - 75kpl
    €14.00 €11.29

    75kpl 8x10mm kokoisia keloja. Rasteri 5mm Learn More
  3. ELKO capacitor kit 16-50V, 20 values, 1uF-1000uF, 200pcs
    €9.90 €7.98
    200pcs of 16-50V polyester capacitors. 20 different values from 1uF to 1000uF. All values packed individually. These can be found from various asian effect pedals from boss to cheapos. Learn More
  4. Ceramic capacitor kit for DIYers 50V, 2.5mm, 30 values, 300pcs
    €5.00 €4.03

    Include 300pcs of 50V ceramic capacitors with 2.5mm raster and long legs.

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  5. Polyester cap kit (greenie)100V, 18 values, 470pF-220nF, 180pcs
    €9.90 €7.98

  6. Ceramic capacitor kit 100V, 2.5mm, 50 different values, 1000pcs
    €11.00 €8.87
    1000pcs of 100V 2.5mm ceramic capacitors. 50 different values from 1pf to 100nF. All values packed individually. Learn More
  7. Ceramic capacitor kit for DIYers, 15 values, 300pcs (1-3KV)
    €15.00 €12.10

    Include 300pcs of 1000V - 3000V ceramic multilayer capacitors. Values from 100pf to 22nF. 

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  8. ELKO capacitor kit 16-50V, 0.1uF-1000uF, 500pcs
    €16.00 €12.90

    500pcs of 16-50V electrolytic capacitors from 0.1uF to 1000uF. All values packed individually. Learn More
  9. Monolith ceramic capacitor kit for DIYers, 0.1-10uF 50V 10 values, 500pcs
    €15.00 €12.10

    Include 500pcs of 50V monolith ceramic multilayer capacitors, values between 0.1-10uF. Good quality ceramics, suitable for audio applications. 

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