Output transf. for Vox amps

  1. Hammond 1750T (AC30 Reissue)

    Hammond 1750T (AC30 Reissue)

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Hammond replacement for AC30 Reissue output transformer. 4000ohm CT / 8 - 16 ohm 30W Learn More
  2. Hammond 1750V (AC30 Vintage OT)

    Hammond 1750V (AC30 Vintage OT)

    Shipped in 3-5 weeks

    Hammond Replacement for AC30 Vintage output transformer. 4000ohm CT / 8,16 ohm 30W Learn More
  3. Hammond 1750Y (AC15)

    Hammond 1750Y (AC15)

    1 In Stock

    Hammond replacement for AC15 output transformer. 6,300 ohm CT / 8 ohm 15W Learn More

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