1. fiberglass board 2*180*300mm, black FR4 / G10
  2. Lasikuitulaminaatti G10 2x40x150, Turreteilla
  3. Lasikuitulaminaatti G10 2x60x150, Turreteilla

    Fiberglass board 2x46x287, with silver plated turrets

    13 In Stock

    Additional tags: 491-TTAG-2MM-25PCS

    Very good quality turret board with 2 x 30pcs silver plated turrets. Learn More
  4. Lasikuitulaminaatti G10 2x60x150, Turreteilla
  5. Fiberglass board black G10 2x60x300, with turrets installed
  6. fiberglass board 2*180*300mm, blue FR4 / G10
  7. Fiberglass board 3*180*300mm, black FR4 / G10
  8. Fiberglass board black G10 3x60x300, with turrets installed
  9. Lasikuitulaminaattilavyt UralTone PP-EL34 vahvistimelle

    Lasikuitulaminaattilavyt UralTone PP-EL34 vahvistimelle

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    PP-EL34 rakennussarjan valmiiksi poratut levyt jotka sopivat UralTone HiFi-chassikseen. Sisältää kaksi levyä, toinen etuasteelle 3x noval (Belton VT9-ST) ja toisessa 4x octal (Belton VT8-ST). Sopii hyvin erilaisiin push-pull -vahvistinprojekteihin. Learn More
  10. Turret board Tweed Deluxe 5E3
  11. Turret Board Tweed Champ 5F1
  12. Turret Board Marshall 18W
  13. Turret Board Marshall 18W
  14. Turret Board Marshall JTM45
  15. UralTone Tweed Deluxe 5E3 eyelet levy (BOARD 1.0) with adjustable output power

    UralTone Tweed Deluxe 5E3 eyelet levy (BOARD 1.0) with adjustable output power

    117 In Stock

    Durable eyelet board for 5E3 tweed deluxe with adjustable B+ voltage (VVR, power scaling). This section can also be cutted out if wanted to build traditional 5E3 clone. Learn More
  16. UralTone Tweed Deluxe 5E3 shield

    UralTone Tweed Deluxe 5E3 shield

    100 In Stock

    Shield between circuit board and chassis used in UralTone 2.0 kit. Made from 0.4mm G10 fibre board. Learn More
  17. EYELETBOARD - TAD KIT: Stand Alone Reverb Unit 6G15
  18. Eyeletboard: Blackface Amps with Reverb type AB763
  19. Eyeletboard typical use Blackface Princeton Rever
  20. Eyeletboard typical use for: Small Cap board (AB763 blackface amps)
  21. Eyeletboard for Bias rectifier (Super Reverb, Pro Reverb)

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