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  1. UralTone Kouvola Fuzz germanium DIY kit (FZ-1)
    €63.00 €50.81

    The Kouvola Fuzz is the roughest and grainiest Fuzz pedal in the history of UralTone. Based on the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone pedal, launched in 1962. Learn More
  2. UralTone Si Fuzz Face (BC183L) DIY kit (True to Original '68-'69)
    €89.00 €71.77

    These days, NOS BC183L transistors are already starting to get tricky to find so the kit offers a great opportunity to create a True to Original version of the 1968-1969 Fuzz Face pedal, or especially what it once sounded like at it's birth. Learn More
  3. UralTone Studio Fuzz diy kit (Si Tone Bender MkIII)
    €75.00 €60.48

    Loosely based on a prototype version of the Tone Bender MkIII implemented with silicon transistors. Learn More
  4. UralTone GT404 FF (F-FACE) FUZZ diy guitar pedal kit
    €75.00 €60.48

    The GT404 kit combines the features of the Germanium Fuzz Face and its more edgy predecessor, the Tone Bender Mk1.5. Learn More
  5. UralTone MKII Tone Bender DIY kit - The Page Box
    €70.00 €56.45

    The MkII offers singing sustain, dynamism and prescence. It works especially well with Humbucker guitars, offering a massive Fuzz symphony. Learn More
  6. UralTone Soviet Fuzz diy kit - '67 Schaller style Germanium Fuzz
    €65.00 €52.42

    The UralTone Soviet Fuzz is based on a circuit published in 1980 in the CCCP magazine "Radio". It shares similarities with the '67 Schaller Germanium Fuzz. Learn More
  7. UralTone Germanium Fuzz Face effect pedal kit
    €99.00 €79.84

    The UralTone FF Ge is a clone of the most well-known Fuzz pedal that ever existed!  The Arbiter Fuzz Face Distortion Unit. Learn More
  8. UralTone Supafuzz effect kit
    €70.00 €56.45
    100 % of 100

    Our DIY effect kit product line now expands with the Tone Bender families close relative the Marshall Supafuzz. Learn More
  9. UralTone 80B Compressor DIY kit (DOD FX80B)
    €60.00 €48.39
    100 % of 100

    The UralTone 80B is our version of the DOD FX80B compressor and especially the more favoured version with the release control. Learn More
  10. UralTone ROHS (ROSS) Compressor effect kit
    €60.00 €48.39

    The UralTone ROHS Compressor in it's name nods to both the requrements of modern electronics and bows to it's original version, the 1970's designed ROSS Compressor. Learn More
  11. UralTone Rouhi MK4 by J. Paasonen - kit ('68 Tone Bender MkIII/MkIV)
    €45.00 €36.29

    As the name suggests, the new build series is based on the Mk3/Mk4 Tone Bender circuit introduced in 1968 with slight updates. Learn More
  12. Tonefest 18.5.2024 Overdrive kolvauspaja - pedaali tunnissa
    €50.00 €40.32

    UralTone piste tarjoaa Tonefest 18.5 kävijöille mahdollisuuden rakentaan autenttinen vintage overdrive pedaalin alle tunnissa. 

    2023 kolvauspaja oli suuri menestys ja nyt on tarkoitus pistää vieläkin paremmaksi!

    Learn More
  13. UralTone Colorful Overdriver booster / fuzz DIY kit
    €69.00 €55.65

    Overdriver and the nearly identical Power Booster are perhaps best known through David Gilmour. The pedal is quite interesting, because it was originally designed as a booster with a very strong bass and treble tonestack but it works great as overdrive or even fuzz pedal. 


    Learn More
  14. UralTone Distortion plus DIY kit
    €39.00 €31.45

    Distortion plus on yksi legendaarisimmista säröpedaaleista, jota on kopioita ja versioitu lukuisten isojen ja pienten valmistajien toimesta! Kytkentä on simppeli, toimiva ja silti yllättävän monipuolinen - etenkin klippaus modillamme. 

    Learn More
  15. UralTone Harmonic Percolator Fuzz DIY KIT
    €49.00 €39.52

    Harmonic Percolator fuzz! Mysterious and unique fuzz! The original is almost impossible to find and apparently the schematics has been changed many times over the years. The circuit has one germanium and one silicon transistor.

    Clipping is placed behind the switch, which means you can choose between 2 different diode clippers or play without a clipper in the middle position. All positions are usable. There is an asymmetry adjustment trimmer for the second diode clipper.

    Learn More
  16. UralTone Shine (kind of shine-ei fy-2) Fuzz DIY KIT
    €49.00 €39.52

    UralTone Shine is based on one of the fuzz legends, the Shin Ei FY-2 circuit. However, we have diversified it by adding a style switch and depth pot to the filter section and buffer between output of fuzz and output jack. As a result, you can get a very versatile range of great fuzz sounds out of the pedal, not just the one.

    Great-sounding fuzz for those looking for rougher and harsher fuzz sounds. Please, play it loud!

    Learn More
  17. UralTone Phase 90 kit
    €60.00 €48.39

  18. Tonefest OD plus overdrive kolvauspaja - ke 5.6 klo 17-19
    €65.00 €52.42

    Tonefest 2024 valmistui vajaa 50 OD pedaalia. Komponenttisettejä jäi pieni erä varastoon, joten järkkäämme kolvauspaja toimitiloissamme Mechelininkatu 15. 

    Eli parissa tunnissa rakennetaan vintage tyylinen OD opettajan avustuksella. Rakentaminen on tehty helpoksi - mitään aikaisempaa kokemusta kolvailusta ei tarvita! Tervetuloa! 

    Learn More
  19. Assembly Course for Kits on June 5 - 26, 2024 (Wednesday evenings)
    €100.00 €80.65

    Soldering course on Wednesday evenings at our premises (Mechelininkatu 15), where you can assemble a tube amplifier or guitar pedals from a UralTone kit. We provide the space, guidance, and tools! Learn More
  20. UT easy PEDAL - Les Love (Electra) aka Les Lius Tweed Machine pedal DIY kit
    €35.00 €28.23

    Lovepedal once made a version of Electa Distortion called Les Lius, and now we've reimagined it as Les Love, Electra. Les Lius is designed to emulate the distortion world of the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, and indeed there is a rugged beauty in its sound.

    The UT EASY series means that all parts are connected to the circuit board, including jacks and switches. This significantly simplifies assembly. The kit is also suitable for beginners!

    Learn More
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