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  1. Erik Konka Headphone Amp #1 - tube OTL headphone amp DIY KIT

    From €275.00 €221.77

    To €405.98 €327.40

  2. UralTone / Pännäri PP-EL34 RIAA - add-on
    €150.00 €120.97
    UralTone / Pännäri RIAA 2.0 add-on version for UralTone PP-EL34 amplifier. Can only be installed on version 2.0 PP-EL34 kits with pre-drilled housing and slots for additional tubes. The kit does not include ECC88 / 6922 / E88CC tubes. Learn More
  3. UralTone Stereo HIFI PP-EL34 (V2.0) tube amp kit

    From €725.00 €584.68

    To €935.00 €754.03

    100% of 100
    UralTone PP-EL34 on a traditional, very high-quality tube amp, that delivers all the nuances and harmonics of music. True tube "sounds" is a pleasure to listen to for hours after hours, unlike many modern amps that have great specs but make your ears tired after few moments of listening. For all music lovers who like to listen to music, not equipment. Learn More
  4. UralTone Dual Adjustable PSU - Säädettävä virtalähde putkikytkennöille
    €19.00 €15.32

    Used on UralTone RIAA 2.0. Works well in small tube based circuits (1-2 preamp tubes) and may scaled up by replacing some parts. Both the anode and heater voltage is adjustable with multi turn trimmers.

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  5. UralTone / Mauri Pännäri RIAA v2.0 kit

    As low as €250.00 €201.61

    99% of 100
    Very good quality TUBE RIAA DIY kit. Learn More
  6. UralTone Stereo HIFI PP-EL84 (V1.1) tube amp kit
    €550.00 €443.55
    93% of 100

    -Traditional tube amp design with some unique features
    -Design is based on Revenge EL34 PP designed by Mauri Pännäri, finnish tube amp guru
    -4xEL84 and 2x ECC83 (ECC81 etc works with couple modifications)
    -Output power 10W @8ohm / 0.4-0.9V input (0-10dB feedback)
    -3x RCA stereo inputs
    -Very high sound quality
    -Frequency response min. 6,2Hz-60kHz +/-0.5dB (without low pass filter -100kHz)
    -THD 1W 0.01%, 10W 0.3%
    -Feedback 0, 6 or 10dB. Most listeners found 6-10dB feedback optimal in tube amps
    -Very high quality toroid output and power transformer, Made in Finland.
    -durable turret / point-to-point construction
    -Kit is easy to build to custom chassis if builder knows basics of layout design. Toroid transformers make small chassis constructions possible.
    -Suitable for beginners. Basic tools, soldering ability and ability to concentrate
    -Size: 305x254x110mm (with tubes and transformer cover). Weight 4.7kg.
    -CNC machined chasssis

    Instructions in finnish only ; schematics, layout and bill of materials are multilingual. Email support available in english free of charge.

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