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  1. UralTone Stereo HiFi PP-EL84 (v2.0) Tube amp kit
    €590.00 €475.81

    Our first vacuum tube hi-fi amplifier kit is now updated with the new case and mechanical structure. We maintained the best features of the old but improved it in many places. The kit is now easier to build and we think it looks lot better than the previous version. Learn More
  2. UralTone Solid-State Integrated 2x150W with Pännäri Pre - Amplifier Kit
    €449.00 €362.10

  3. UralTone solid-state Pännäri Revenge Pre - kit - pre-order
    €395.00 €318.55

  4. UralTone EL95 Stereo Micro amp - tube amp kit
    €189.00 €152.42

    EL95 stereo micro amp is a vintage sounding small tube amp that is powered by an external 6VAC PSU. Easy and safe to build. 


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  5. Putkivahvistimien rakentelukurssi 4-5.3.2023 - kallio, Helsinki
    €100.00 €80.65
    Viikonloppukurssi, jonka aikana rakennetaan putkivahvistin alusta loppuun opettajien avustuksella. Kurssi sopii vasta-alkajille. Työkalut löytyvät kurssitilasta ja niitä saa lainaan 15€ maksua vastaan. Myös omat työkalut voi ottaa mukaan. Learn More
  6. Pännäri Revenge JFET RIAA -kit for MM cartridge
    €129.00 €104.03
    100 % of 100

  7. Pännäri Revenge JFET RIAA -kit for MC cartridge
    €149.00 €120.16

  8. UralTone All Octal SE Stereo tube amp kit
    €389.00 €313.71

    The UralTone All Octal SE Stereo amplifier is a traditional Single Ended stereo amplifier with one exception: It works with a 12VDC (7A) power source. So the amplifier itself has no 230VAC mains connection or mains transformer, so assembling it is safer for beginners. Inside the chassis is two boost regulator-type power sources that boosts the incoming 12V voltage to 300V, so that the tubes operate at the optimal voltage level and currents.

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  9. Assembly Course for Kits on June 5 - 26, 2024 (Wednesday evenings)
    €100.00 €80.65

    Soldering course on Wednesday evenings at our premises (Mechelininkatu 15), where you can assemble a tube amplifier or guitar pedals from a UralTone kit. We provide the space, guidance, and tools! Learn More
  10. Erik Konka Slim Jim OTL tube power amp - diy kit
    Special Price €445.00 €358.87 Regular Price €595.00
    100 % of 100

    Erik Konka, a highly respected tube amplifier designer from Tartu, designed a high-quality OTL monoblock amplifier for UralTone customers. The amplifier output section utilizes four 6080 / 6AS7 / 6N13S double triodes. Power output for 8 ohm is 20W. The driver stage is powered by a 6V6 pair and the front stage has one ECC82 tube.

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  11. UralTone Dual Adjustable PSU - Säädettävä virtalähde putkikytkennöille
    €19.00 €15.32

    Used on UralTone RIAA 2.0. Works well in small tube based circuits (1-2 preamp tubes) and may scaled up by replacing some parts. Both the anode and heater voltage is adjustable with multi turn trimmers.

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  12. UralTone / Mauri Pännäri RIAA v2.0 kit

    As low as €285.00 €229.84

    Very good quality TUBE RIAA DIY kit. Learn More
  13. UralTone / Pännäri PP-EL34 RIAA - add-on
    €150.00 €120.97

    UralTone / Pännäri RIAA 2.0 add-on version for UralTone PP-EL34 amplifier. Can only be installed on version 2.0 PP-EL34 kits with pre-drilled housing and slots for additional tubes. The kit does not include ECC88 / 6922 / E88CC tubes. Learn More
  14. SE/84 Brachycera tube amp kit - v2.0
    €385.00 €310.48

  15. UralTone Stereo HIFI PP-EL34 (V2.0) tube amp kit

    From €725.00 €584.68

    To €890.00 €717.74

    UralTone PP-EL34 on a traditional, very high-quality tube amp that delivers all the nuances and harmonics of music. All tube "sound" is a pleasure to listen to for hours after hours, unlike many modern amps that have great specs but make your ears tired after a few moments of listening. PP-EL34 is designed for all music lovers who like to listen to music, not equipment.

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  16. Erik Konka Headphone Amp #1 - tube OTL headphone amp DIY KIT

    From €275.00 €221.77

    To €391.00 €315.32

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