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Most of our speaker kits has been designed by Samu Saurama who is long term speaker designer and HIFI journalist. His designs has found their way to many high end listening spaces and living rooms.

His design principle is to find the best possible speaker elements for the given application, so that crossover design is not over complicated and sound quality is as good as possible. 

Our dipole and coaxial speaker kits has been big hits and feedback is expectionally good. 

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  1. UralSub 10A - HIFI subwoofer kit (8ohm, 15L, 30Hz->)
    €299.00 €241.13

    The UralSub 10A is a very compact 10" subwoofer that reproduces cleanly down to 30Hz without digital correction. Learn More
  2. UralTone The Point 6,5" co-axial hifi spaeaker kit
    €249.00 €200.81

  3. UralTone Pearl Satori highend DIY speaker kit
    €399.00 €321.77

  4. UralTone Idea 12" dipole
    €299.00 €241.13

  5. JBL Selenium D220TI Upgrade for Audiovideo.fi One-Eyed Brothers 12" kit
    €185.00 €149.19

    The One-Eyed Brothers offer excellent sound quality at a low price. The basic version of the series comes with the Eminence APT-50 tweeter, a good quality tweeter at a meager price. However there are better ones, but the problem has been finding a tweeter that works with the BETA CX series. Samu Saurama developed a splitter with which the JBL Selenium D220TI works seamlessly with the Beta 12CX, offering a clear improvement to the sound quality of the set.

    The Selenium upgrade kit comes with a JBL Selenium D220TI element, splitter parts, splitter connection diagram, and circuit board, on which the splitter is easy to assemble.

    Both UralTone and designer Samu Saurama (audiovideo.fi) recommend updating!

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  6. UralTone Idea 8" dipole - coming soon on spring 2022
    €365.00 €294.35

  7. UralTone 3-way Monitor - 3-way speaker kit
    €499.00 €402.42

    UralTone 3-way monitor on laadukas passiivinen 3-tie kaiutinrakennussarja. Learn More
  8. UT HLS-10 2-way HIFI speaker kit (Samu saurama Design)
    €99.00 €79.84

    Our goal was to design as good a speaker kit as possible for under 100€ / pcs. The result is a HiFi speaker that sounds much, much better than the average 100€ HiFi speaker. 

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  9. UT REF 1 PLUS 2-way HIFI speaker kit (Samu saurama Design)
    €490.00 €395.16

    The UT REF1 PLUS was designed as a 2-way speaker that reproduces music naturally and without coloration. REF naturally refers to "reference": due to its high-quality sound, the REF1 PLUS serves as a reference when testing other speakers or other audio devices in the signal chain. REF 1 Plus is designed around two high-quality Italian Sica speakers. 

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  10. UT REF2 2-way HIFI speaker kit (Samu saurama Design)
    €895.00 €721.77

    The UT REF2 was designed as a 2-way speaker that reproduces music naturally and without coloration. REF naturally refers to "reference": due to its high-quality sound, the REF2 serves as a reference when testing other speakers or other audio devices in the signal chain. There has been no skimping on the cost of components; the best SB Acoustics speaker elements and high-quality crossover components have been selected for this purpose. Learn More
  11. UT The POINT 4" co-axial hi-fi speaker kit (designed by Samu Saurama)
    €129.00 €104.03
    Point 4" is the latest and smallest member of the co-axial speaker kit series designed by Samu Saurama. Point 4 performs well in small spaces on its own and blends nicely with three Point 6.5" speakers for a home theater setup. Learn More
  12. UT Balance - SB Acoustics FullRange - 8" Full-Range Speaker Kit
    €99.00 €79.84
    The Balance is a speaker kit based on the acclaimed SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 full-range driver. It includes a mandatory equalization circuit to flatten the frequency response of the driver. The name refers to the speaker's excellent balance: most full-range speakers tend to have much more colored tone compared to the SB20FRPC30 with the correction circuit. Learn More
  13. UralTone 3-way pro speaker kit
    Special Price €390.00 €314.52 Regular Price €490.00
    100 % of 100

  14. UralTone Dipole speaker kit (Äänilevy)

    As low as €68.00 €54.84

    The UralTone Dipole series is a continuation of the original Äänilevy dipole speaker construction kit. The Dipole kit can be made in different variations according to the users needs and preferences. Learn More
  15. Audiovideo.fi kaiutinrakennussarja - Parempi satasen satsi - halpa 10-tuumainen hifi-PA - LOPETETTU

    From €0.35 €0.28

    To €88.71 €71.54

    Kit discontinued due the availability of the HF driver. We recommend to build the One-eyed Brother kit instead

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  16. Eminence Beta coaxial KIT (8", 10" or 12")

    From €299.00 €241.13

    To €414.00 €333.87

    Eminence Beta CX series offers great sound quality with very reasonable price. Finnish hifi magazine Audiovideo.fi has designed project using Beta CX speakers and APT-50V2 tweeters. Article can be found here:
    Yksisilmäiset veljekset -Kaiutinrakennusohje

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  17. SB acoustic 6" co-axial speaker DIY kit

    Starting at €0.37 €0.30

    SB acoustic 6" coaxial DIY kit. Now you can easily build good quality coaxial speaker with very reasonable cost. Below table has components for 2 speakers preselected. If you want only 1 speaker half all quantities, if you want build more speakers add quantities to desired amounts. You can also leave some products out if you, for example, want to use more expensive binding posts or cables.

    If you want to order crossover assembled in our lab, please choose one crossover assembly -product per crossover you wanted us to build.

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  18. UralTone PIKKUVEIKKA 2-tie kaiutinrakennussarja
    €205.00 €165.32

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