Wires for guitars

The type of cables inside the guitar doesn't affect the sound that much, but for style and ease of installation, we recommend fabric-insulated or Teflon cables. A good instrument requires decent cabling.
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  1. PVC cable 0,22mm, stranded, 5-10 colours, total 10 meters.
    €5.50 €4.44

    Good quality PVC cable 0,22mm, 5-10 colours, 10 meters of stranded cable for quitar effects etc. Learn More
  2. Silver plated copper wire 0.8mm, guitar ground wirings
    €2.50 €2.02 As low as €1.75

  3. Shielded cable
    €1.20 €0.97 As low as €0.84

    Spiral shielded cable
    100% shielded -red copper
    Conductor in red copper
    Conductor insulation in PVC
    Cable for sound reproduction or electronics
    Capacity (pF/mt) core/shield 460 Learn More
  4. Stranded cloth covered shielded cable - per 100cm
    €5.50 €4.44

    For guitar wirings etc. Price per 100cm!
    This is the highest quality external braided cloth covered wire available. It's wax coated and is correct for vintage restoration or boutique hook-up wire. ...

    Pre cutted to 100cm pieces so if you order 2pcs we ship you 2x100cm. 

    Learn More
  5. Stranded cloth covered black cable - 100cm
    €4.00 €3.23

    Very good pushback cable for guitars. Learn More
  6. Stranded cloth covered white cable - 100cm
    €4.00 €3.23

    Very good pushback cable for guitars. Learn More
  7. 4-conductor shielded guitar pick-up cable (100cm) - black
    €3.50 €2.82 As low as €2.45

    4xcore + shield cable for guitar wirings. Price per 100cm (if ordered 2pcs, we ship 2x100cm) Great cable for humbucker guitars where 4 conductor shielded wire is needed.

    Learn More
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