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Eminence Tone guide is good tool to find best Eminence model for your application.

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  1. Eminence spade terminal 0.205 / 5.21 x 0.51mm
    €0.60 €0.48 As low as €0.25

    5.21 mm [ .205 in ] X .51 mm [ .02 in ], Wire Insulation Diameter 2.16 – 3.18 mm [ .085 – .125 in ], Wire Size (AWG) 22 – 18, Wire Size (mm²) .3 – .8. Learn More
  2. Eminence DV-77 Mick Thomson signature guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 70W, 100.7dB
    Special Price €179.00 €144.35 Regular Price €221.00
    100 % of 100

  3. Eminence RETRO GT30-8 - guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 50W, 98.8dB
    Special Price €59.00 €47.58 Regular Price €75.00

  4. Eminence RETRO SE50-8 - guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 50W, 97,5dB
    Special Price €59.00 €47.58 Regular Price €75.00

  5. Eminence Texas Heat guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 150W, 99dB
    €165.00 €133.06

    Nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity. Very touch-sensitive with a hint of British flavor Learn More
  6. Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 50W, 102db
    €159.00 €128.23

  7. Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker - 12", 16ohm, 50W, 102dB
    €159.00 €128.23

    Clean and full, with lots of body and sparkle. Smokey smooth with high-end definition. Learn More
  8. Eminence 620H Guitar Speaker - 6", 4ohm, 20W, 94.6dB
    €89.00 €71.77 As low as €75.65

    Great upgrade for Champion 600 and other cheap little tube amps with horrible stock speaker. Learn More
  9. Eminence GA-SC64 Guitar Speaker - 12", 8ohm, 40W, 100.5dB
    €175.00 €141.13

  10. Speaker Break in 24h
    €15.00 €12.10

    We can drive in any speaker element we sell. The sound of the speaker elements usually changes somewhat during the first hours or tens of hours and then settles down. In different elements, this so-called The "break in" time is different: 24 hours is usually enough for all elements. The break-in is naturally done by playing, but it is not always possible to play the element loudly (which means the break-in may take a very long time) or the need for the best possible sound is immediate. In this case, it may make sense to run in by other means.

    We charge €15 per speaker element for completing the process. Some elements can be found already distributed in stock, (see the lists in the webshop), otherwise the delivery time of the element will be extended by 2-3 days. We cannot drive in high-power PA elements.

    Learn More
  11. Eminence 820H guitar speaker - 8", 4ohm, 20W, 96.1dB
    €89.00 €71.77

    4 ohm hemp cone speaker with rich, warm, full bodied tone with fat, punchy lows, smooth, but defined highs, and a nice break up. Prominent mids, but with a warm, smooth texture. Learn More
  12. Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 50W, 99.3db
    €155.00 €125.00

    A highly requested 10 inch version of our popular Cannabis Rex, this hemp cone speaker offers warm, smooth, clean, and full tone, but with highend definition _ just like its big brother. Great to tame a bright amp and/or guitar. Learn More
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