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Eminence Tone guide is good tool to find best Eminence model for your application.

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  1. Eminence spade terminal 0.205 / 5.21 x 0.51mm
    €0.60 €0.48 As low as €0.25
    5.21 mm [ .205 in ] X .51 mm [ .02 in ], Wire Insulation Diameter 2.16 – 3.18 mm [ .085 – .125 in ], Wire Size (AWG) 22 – 18, Wire Size (mm²) .3 – .8. Learn More
  2. Eminence CV-65 kitarakaiutin - 12", 8ohm, 65W, 100.6dB (tilaustuote)
    €122.00 €98.39
  3. Eminence George Alessandro Eminence GA10SC59 A guitar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 20W, 97dB
    €149.00 €120.16
  4. Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 50W, 99.3db
    €94.00 €75.81
    A highly requested 10 inch version of our popular Cannabis Rex, this hemp cone speaker offers warm, smooth, clean, and full tone, but with highend definition _ just like its big brother. Great to tame a bright amp and/or guitar. Learn More
  5. Eminence Legend EM12N guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 200W, 99.9dB
    €191.00 €154.03
    Neo verion of Legend EM12 speaker. Learn More
  6. Eminence Legend 1275 A guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 75W, 101.1dB
    €81.00 €65.32
    British style 12" for the 80/90´s Marshall sound seekers. Learn More
  7. Eminence Hempdog 12 - 12", 8ohm, 150W, 102.3dB
    €135.00 €108.87
    93% of 100

    Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer/guitarist Pete Anderson wanted to combine the tonal characteristics from two of his favorite Eminence speakers into a single 12" model. The HempDog 12 borrows the warmth from the Cannabis Rex, and the neutral, clear tone from the Legend EM12. "The creation of the HempDog has exceeded my expectations. It has the hi-fidelity I require plus the warmth of hemp, an outstanding combination that covers all genres of music." - Pete Anderson

    Learn More
  8. Eminence George Alessandro GA10-SC64 Kitarakaiutin - 10", 8ohm, 20W, 98.2dB
    €96.00 €77.42
    Tones of 1964 still ring true in this vintage voiced 10 inch speaker by amp guru George Alessandro. Very balanced with dynamic character, this ceramic 10 inch speaker offers tight, punchy tone with nice warmth, richness, and sparkling highs. Learn More
  9. Eminence Red Fang RC10C gutar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 50W, 100.4dB
    €92.00 €74.19
    A ceramic version of our popular Red Fang 10 alnico. A round and beefy British tone with abundant harmonic detail, full lows, and nice grit and chime. Learn More
  10. Eminence GA-SC64 Guitar Speaker - 12", 8ohm, 40W, 100.5dB
    €122.00 €98.39
  11. Eminence 620H Guitar Speaker - 6", 4ohm, 20W, 94.6dB
    €70.00 €56.45
    Great upgrade for Champion 600 and other cheap little tube amps with horrible stock speaker. Learn More
  12. Eminence CV-75 Guitar Speaker - 12", 8ohm, 75W, 102.2dB
    €124.00 €100.00
  13. Eminence Legend EM12A guitar speaker - 12”, 8ohm, 200W, 101dB
    €189.00 €152.42
    87% of 100
    Eminence version of legendary Electro Voice EVM12L speaker. Compared to anothed EV version of Eminence, the Delta Pro 12A, EM12 is closer to original and it's designed specially as guitar speaker. Should work grear in TL806 cabinet. Google: TL806 Builders Plan... Learn More
  14. Eminence 820H guitar speaker - 8", 4ohm, 20W, 96.1dB
    €75.00 €60.48
    4 ohm hemp cone speaker with rich, warm, full bodied tone with fat, punchy lows, smooth, but defined highs, and a nice break up. Prominent mids, but with a warm, smooth texture. Learn More
  15. Eminence EJ1250 guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 50W, 100.9dB
    €370.00 €298.39
    Eric Johnson signature model, which the sound guru describes like cross breed of the 50's tweed and the 60's Celestion speakers. Learn More
  16. Speaker Break in 24h
    €15.00 €12.10
    Voimme ajaa sisään minkä tahansa myymämme kaiutinelementin. Kaiutinelementtien soundi muuttuu yleensä jonkinverran ensimmäisten tuntien tai kymmenien tuntien ajan ja asettuu sitten.  Eri elementeissä tämä ns. "break in" aika on eri pituine: 24 tuntia kuitenkin yleensä riittää kaikille elementeille. Sisäänajo tulee luonnollisesti tehtyä soittamalla, mutta aina ei ole mahdollista soittaa elementtiä kovaa (jolloin sisäänajo saattaa kestää hyvin pitkään) tai tarves parhalle mahdolliselle soundille on heti. Tällöin voi olla järkevää tehdä sisäänajo muilla keinoilla.

    Veloitamme prosessin suorittamisesta 10€ per kaiutinelementti. Joitakin elementtejä löytyy valmiiksi varastosta sisäänjaettuna, (katso web-kaupan listat), muutoin elementin toimitusaika pitenee 2-3 päivää. Isotehoisia PA-elementtejä emme voi ajaa sisään. Learn More
  17. Eminence The Tonker guitar speaker - 12", 8ohm, 150W, 102dB
    €113.00 €91.13
    tonker n. a hard-hitting 12" speaker with British flavor and harmonic balance Learn More
  18. Eminence Texas Heat guitar speaker - 12", 4ohm, 150W, 99dB
    €107.00 €86.29
    Nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity. Very touch-sensitive with a hint of British flavor Learn More
  19. Eminence Legend 105 guitar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 75W, 98.7dB
    €79.00 €63.71
    Higher power, vintage, seamed cone tonality for guitar. Ideal Vintage alnico Jensen replacement. Learn More
  20. Eminence Legend 102A AlNiCo guitar speaker - 10", 8ohm, 35W, 97.4dB
    €117.00 €94.35
    Eminence has been producing this ALNICO model for some of the world's finest amplifier manufacturers for years. Even more popular than its ALNICO sister, the 122, this classic lends that warm blues tone that has helped in making many of its users legendary. Like the 12" ALNICO, this speaker was created for lower power, vintage amplifier applications where a thinner 'Jensen' tone is desired. Make that old amp new again, or take a new one and make it sound old!""

    Very good 50´s style speaker for tweed style amps. Much better than Jensen P10R with much better price!

    Learn More
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