12AT7 / ECC81

12AT7 / ECC81 is popular tube in reverb drivers and phase inverter circuits. Also used in hifi amps as pre amp tube. Amplification factor is 60.
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  1. 12AT7 / ECC81 TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
    €27.00 €21.77

    Low noise tube. Selected by matching triode halve symmetry Learn More
  2. 12AT7-CZ / ECC81 TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
    €29.00 €23.39

  3. Tungsol 12AT7
    €32.50 €26.21

  4. JJ ECC81
    €17.50 €14.11

    Well known JJ quality... Learn More
  5. Electro Harmonix 12AT7
    €19.95 €16.09

    Great reverb driver/ phase splitter tube. Learn More
  6. Telefunken ECC81 (=12AT7) NOS
    €32.00 €25.81

    With Telefunken stamps and packaging, but not made at the Telefunken factory. The exact history is unclear, but the quality of the tubes is good, although not quite the level of 4x more expensive tubes. Not suitable for HIFI amplifiers, because the difference between the halves is quite large. This is not a problem in guitar amplifiers. Learn More
  7. 12AT7, Genalex
    €58.00 €46.77
    100 % of 100

    Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 tubes are considered the best 12AT7 types ever made. They are also among the rarest types available. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 recreates the sound signature of the original. Learn More
  8. ECC81, Philips
    €59.00 €47.58

    Datecode: VF3, B3H3 - Mullard Blackburn Learn More
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