12AX7 / 7025 / 5751 / 12AY7

12AX7 / ECC83 is the most popular tube in guitar amps. Amplification factor is 100, which is highest of all audio triodes. Can be substituted with 5751, if amps has too much gain or if warmer sound is preferable. Amplification factor of 5751 is about 70.

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  1. Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH

    Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH

    20 In Stock

    Good quality pre amp tube from Russia. Many seems to like these especially in high gain amps. Learn More
  2. 122-ECC83MG-Standard

    JJ 12AY7

    31 In Stock

    JJ 12AY7 for tweed amps, mic preamps... Learn More
  3. JJ 5751

    JJ 5751

    39 In Stock

  4. JJ ECC803S - vintage style pre amp tube (=12AX7)

    JJ ECC803S - vintage style pre amp tube (=12AX7)

    In stock

    Vintage style pre amp tube from JJ factory. ECC803S has more open and harmonic sounds compared to JJ ECC83S. Great for guitar amps. We recommend to choose SQ tested version for better quality. Learn More
  5. 122-ECC83MG-Standard

    JJ ECC83MG

    63 In Stock

    New ECC83 from JJ electronic. Sound quality and construction in between of JJ ECC83S and ECC803. Lower gain than ECC83S and less microphonic than ECC803. Learn More
  6. JJ ECC83S

    JJ ECC83S

    In stock

    Good and warm sounding pre amp tube from the JJ electronic Factory. We recommend our SQ tested versions! Learn More
  7. Tungsol 12AX7 preamp tube

    Tungsol 12AX7 preamp tube

    In stock

    High quality re-issue Tungsol 12ax7 from Russia. One of the greatest new 12AX7 tube. Learn More
  8. Tungsol 12AX7 / ECC803 GOLD

    Tungsol 12AX7 / ECC803 GOLD

    1 In Stock

    Gold pin special quality version of TUngSol 12AX7. Learn More
  9. Tungsol 5751 etuasteputki
  10. Shuguang (China) 7025 - POISTOSSA

    Regular Price: €19.96

    Special Price €12.40

    Contact us for delivery time.

    Shuguang 7025 eli parannettu versio 12AX7B putkesta. Näitä myydään TAD, genalex yms labeleille 25-35€ / kpl hintaan. Tässä erä toimintatakuulla, EI AJALLISTA TAKUUTA koska hinta halpa. Learn More
  11. TAD 12AX7A

    12AX7A/ECC83 TAD Premium Selected (~ 7025, 12AX7WA, E83CC)

    256 In Stock

    Very good gain, selected by matching triode halfs Learn More
  12. TAD ECC83

    ECC83-Cz TAD Premium Selected

    40 In Stock

    Selected tube. Darker highs / warm sound Learn More
  13. TAD 12AX7WA-R

    12AX7WA-R TAD Premium Selected

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Very low noise, little less gain. Learn More
  14. TAD 12AY7 / 6072A

    12AY7/6072A TAD Premium Selected

    18 In Stock

    Input tube of the old Tweed amps Learn More
  15. TAD 12AT7 / 6072A, Gold Pin

    12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN Stereo-HiFi-Selection

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Gold pin version of the TAD 12AY7 Learn More
  16. TAD ECC83WA

    ECC83 WA TAD Premium Selected - NEW -

    7 In Stock

    Triple Mica -structure, low noise. Balanced. Learn More
  17. TAD 5751

    5751 TAD Premium Selected

    32 In Stock

    Low gain version of 12AX7 Learn More
  18. TAD 7025

    7025 HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected

    192 In Stock

    High Grade selected preamp tube for most demanding applications. Learn More
  19. TAD 7025S

    7025 S Premium Selected -Mullard style- TAD-Tubes

    15 In Stock

    Remake of Mullard ECC83 Learn More
  20. TAD 7025 / E83CC High Grade

    7025/E83CC HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected

    34 In Stock

    High Grade selected preamp tube for most demanding applications. Learn More
  21. TAD ECC803S

    ECC803 S TAD Premium Selected

    5 In Stock

    Telefunken -style tube with large anodes Learn More
  22. TAD 12AY7 / 6072A

    12AY7/6072A HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected

    10 In Stock

    Input tube of the old Tweed amps Learn More
  23. TAD 7025WA High Grade

    7025 WA TAD HIGHGRADE Premium Selected - NEW -

    78 In Stock

    High Grade selected preamp tube for most demanding applications. Learn More
  24. TAD 5751 High Grade

    5751 Highgrade TAD Premium Selected

    3 In Stock

    High Grade selected preamp tube for most demanding applications. Learn More
  25. Sovtek 12AX7LPS

    Sovtek 12AX7LPS

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

  26. Sovtek 5751

    Sovtek 5751

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Slightly lower gain than 12ax7/ecc83. Works great in some amps in place of ecc83 when needed little less gain and more "warm" sound. One of my personal favorite... Learn More
  27. 12AX7, Genalex

    12AX7, Genalex

    17 In Stock

    Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 tubes are considered among the best 12AX7 types ever made. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 recreates the sound signature of the origi... Learn More
  28. 12AX7, Genalex

    ECC83 / 12AX7, Genalex (standard pin)

    47 In Stock

    Warm soundin tube for hifi and guitar use. Good price to quality ratio! Learn More
  29. RCA 5751 black plate NOS USA
  30. /

    Shuguang (China) 12AX7M 10pcs lot (no warranty)

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    12AX7M is the product, which Shuguang specially develops for a foreign company; herein we will not make out a specific introduction. The tube core of 12AX7M is shorter than 12AX7B, thus lowering the possibility of its vibration to the musicA... Learn More

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