6550 / KT88

Big power tube for high power guitar and bass amps and for hifi amps. For road use we recommend 6550 for better reliability. HIFI enthusiast usually found KT88 to sound better in HIFI amps.
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  1. 6550A-STR REDBASE, TAD-Tubes
    €72.00 €58.06

    Remake of the GE 6550A! Learn More
  2. KT88-STR REDBASE TAD Premium Matched
    €72.00 €58.06
    100 % of 100

    Made following the style of British made MOV KT88. Learn More
  3. Genalex Gold Lion KT88
    €95.00 €76.61

    Russian re-issue from original Genalex KT88 design. Learn More
  4. Spring retainer for tubes like KT88 and 6550
    Special Price €1.00 €0.81 Regular Price €1.50

    Keep tubes tightly in their bases... Learn More
  5. JJ KT88
    €65.00 €52.42

    Very good quality KT88 from JJ factory. Learn More
  6. TungSol 6550
    €73.00 €58.87

    Very good quality Tung Sol 6550 re-issue tube from Russia. Sounds great and lasts long in guitar or hi-fi amps. Best new 6550 tube! Very close to original Tung Sol high $$$ classic... Learn More
  7. JJ 6550
    €59.00 €47.58

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