6L6GC / 5881 / KT66

Great sounding American power tube found in many 30-50W Fenders and other guitar amps.

  1. JJ 5881

    JJ 5881

    24 In Stock

    JJ 5881. Small glass "vintage" version of 6L6GC. Earlier breakup and less power. Good for Tweed amps and for modern 6L6GC amps when lower headroom is needed. Max. 23W / 500V. Learn More
  2. JJ 6L6GC

    JJ 6L6GC

    In stock

    Biggest headroom of current made 6L6GC. Learn More
  3. JJ KT66

    JJ KT66

    18 In Stock

  4. TungSol 5881

    TungSol 5881

    12 In Stock

    Very good quality Tung Sol 5881 re-issue tube from Russia. 5881 is similar to 6L6GC, expect max plate dissipation is 23W (6L6GC has 30W rating) and max plate voltage is 400V. Learn More
  5. TungSol 6L6GC STR

    TungSol 6L6GC STR

    18 In Stock

    Tungsol re-issue, very high quality. Made in Russia. Learn More
  6. Tung-Sol 7581

    TungSol 7581

    5 In Stock

    The 7581 is beam-power pentore primaly designed for use in audio frequency power-amplifier applications. The tube is a direct replacement for the 6L6GC, but features additional controlled zero-bias characteristics and a low-loss base. Learn More
  7. Tungsol KT66

    Tungsol KT66

    6 In Stock

  8. VALVE ART KT66 - hinta parille

    VALVE ART KT66 - hinta parille

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

  9. TAD 6L6GC RCA Black Plate

    6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate TAD PREMIUM Selected

    343 In Stock

    RCA Black plate -style power amp tube. Learn More
  10. TAD 6L6GC Svetlana Winged -C-

    6L6GC-SVT TAD-Tubes Premium Matched

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Selected and TAD stamped Svetlana winged -C- power amp tube. Learn More
  11. TAD 5881WXT

    5881WXT-R TAD PREMIUM Matched

    33 In Stock

    6L6GC variant woth modern tone Learn More
  12. TAD 6L6WGC GE-style Black plate

    6L6WGC-STR GE-Style black-plate TAD PREMIUM Matched

    118 In Stock

    GE black plate style power tube. Learn More
  13. TAD KT66

    KT66 TAD PREMIUM Matched

    48 In Stock

    Power amp tube for Plexi Marshalls etc Learn More
  14. Sovtek 5881WXT

    Sovtek 5881WXT

    Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Economic and reliable standard quality tube from Russia.
    Height circa 93mm, dia circa 37mm. Learn More
  15. Genalex Gold Lion KT66

    Genalex Gold Lion KT66

    7 In Stock

    Exact copy of the original clear glass KT66. The tube that created “The Bluesbreaker Tone.” used in 50’s-60’s hi-fi favorites such as the Heathkit W-5M and many Leak amplifiers. Learn More
  16. SYLVANIA 6L6GA NOS single (1pcs)
  17. QTL 6L6GA NOS SINGLE (1kpl)
  18. QTL 6L6GA NOS matched pair (2pcs)
  19. SYLVANIA 6L6WGA NOS matched pair (2pcs)
  20. SYLVANIA 6L6WGA NOS single (1pcs)
  21. 6L6G / 6N3C CCCP NOS  - 60s production

    6L6G / 6N3C CCCP NOS - 60s production

    Contact us for delivery time.

    NOS CCCP 6L6 / 6N3C. Price per pcs, available in matched pairs. Learn More

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