EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77

Popular tube in Marshall guitar amps and clones. Very good sounding tube when driving into distortion. Classical British rock and roll sound. Also good and popular tube in HIFI amps.
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  1. Electro Harmonix 6CA7 (=EL34) - single (no matching)
    Special Price €12.00 €9.68 Regular Price €19.00
  2. EL34 NOS Philips Miniwatt METAL BASE
    €310.00 €250.00
    Halutuin ja parhaana pidetty EL34 putki! Lisätietoja saa kysyttäessä. Vain 1kpl varastossa. Learn More
  3. JJ EL34 II
    €23.99 €19.35
    New JJ EL34 version with new plate material. Sound is little fuller and rounder compared to standard JJ EL34, that is also great... Learn More
  4. EL34B-STR TAD PREMIUM Tube/Valve
    €24.00 €19.35
    Power amp tube with bit higher gain (gm) Learn More
  5. E34L-Cz TAD PREMIUM Matched
    €27.00 €21.77
    Long-life version of EL34. Learn More
  6. JJ EL34
    As low as €18.00 €14.52
    Good quality power amp tube for guitar and HIFI amps. Learn More
  7. JJ 6CA7 (EL34 equivalent)
    €23.00 €18.55
  8. TungSol EL34B
    €32.00 €25.81
    Higher impedance design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound.


    Learn More
  9. Genalex Gold Lion KT77
    €46.00 €37.10
  10. Electro Harmonix 6CA7EH
    €26.99 €21.77
    Big bottle beam-tetrode version of EL34. Perfect EL34 replacement for Musicman amplifiers. Learn More
  11. JJ KT77
    €26.00 €20.97
    Erittäin kehuttu uutuus JJ:ltä. Yhteensopiva EL34 putken kanssa. Learn More
  12. JJ E34L
    €22.00 €17.74
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