Rectifier tubes

Tube rectifier are still used in many boutique amps. Use only good quality ones, since cheapest may not last very long: Shorted tube rectifier is not what you want to experience in the middle of your biggest gig of your career.
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    €35.00 €28.23

    TAD REDBASE 5AR4 / GZ34 - Mullard / VALVO GZ34 remake. Learn More
  2. 5Y3GT TAD PREMIUM SELECTED Rectifier Tube
    €28.00 €22.58

    High quality rectifier for small tube amps Learn More
  3. 5U4GB TAD PREMIUM SELECTED straight bottle
    €36.00 €29.03

    Rectifier tube used in various Fender amps of the 50's, 60's and 70's Learn More
  4. EZ81/6CA4 TAD PREMIUM SELECTED Rectifier Tube
    €28.00 €22.58

    Rectifier tube with 6.3V heater Learn More
  5. TAD 5Y3WGTB
    €39.00 €31.45
    Same specs than NOS 5Y3 (same voltage drop) and nice black plate design. Learn More
  6. GZ37, Mullard
    €129.00 €104.03

  7. 5C4S (5Ц4С) NOS CCCP rectifier tube (e.g. replacement for 5Y3)
    €13.00 €10.48

  8. 5C4M (5Ц4M) NOS CCCP rectifier (e.g. replacement for 5Y3)
    €15.00 €12.10

    CCCP 5C4M (5Ц4M) rectifier with the same base connection as 5Y3 / GZ34 / 5U4 series tubes. Learn More
  9. TAD 5U4G REDBASE Premium Selected
    €42.00 €33.87

    TAD REDBASE 5U4G Learn More
  10. 6C5S tube rectifier (6Ц5С / 6X5GT / EZ35)
    €10.00 €8.06

  11. GZ34/5AR4-STR TAD (discontinued version)
    €35.00 €28.23
    Older TAD STR version from shuguang factory that burned down.
    Learn More
  12. GZ34 United Electronics West Germany NOS
    €175.00 €141.13

  13. RSD 5Y3GT
    €22.00 €17.74

    RSD 5Y3GT. NOS CCCP production. NOTE: Some without labels / box, but all 100% same and from same source. Learn More
  14. 5U4GB / 5AS4A NOS
    €50.00 €40.32

    Good quality NOS rectifier tube. Much more better than new sovteks etc. Learn More
  15. JJ GZ34
    €26.00 €20.97

  16. Svetlana / SED 5U4G
    €35.00 €28.23

    Goog quality rectifier tube! Made by Svetlana / SED! Learn More
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