UralTone Stereo HIFI PP-EL84 (V1.1) tube amp kit

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In stock

-Traditional tube amp design with some unique features
-Design is based on Revenge EL34 PP designed by Mauri Pännäri, finnish tube amp guru
-4xEL84 and 2x ECC83 (ECC81 etc works with couple modifications)
-Output power 10W @8ohm / 0.4-0.9V input (0-10dB feedback)
-3x RCA stereo inputs
-Very high sound quality
-Frequency response min. 6,2Hz-60kHz +/-0.5dB (without low pass filter -100kHz)
-THD 1W 0.01%, 10W 0.3%
-Feedback 0, 6 or 10dB. Most listeners found 6-10dB feedback optimal in tube amps
-Very high quality toroid output and power transformer, Made in Finland.
-durable turret / point-to-point construction
-Kit is easy to build to custom chassis if builder knows basics of layout design. Toroid transformers make small chassis constructions possible.
-Suitable for beginners. Basic tools, soldering ability and ability to concentrate
-Size: 305x254x110mm (with tubes and transformer cover). Weight 4.7kg.
-CNC machined chasssis

Instructions in finnish only ; schematics, layout and bill of materials are multilingual. Email support available in english free of charge.

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