Order returns guide

Most important: Do not return anything before argeement from us. Contact us before sending anything!

When we have contacted you back do following:


1. Return all which belongs to the product, such as instructions, additional parts and packing materials. Pack the product as it was packed originally when you received the product.
2. Include the copy of the invoice or write the order or incoive number on paper. Inlcude our contact information (phone, address, name, email)
3. Include a message where you describe the reason for return (warranty, wrong product). If the product is returned for warranty reasons describe the failure presicely.
4. Pack the product so well so it can't get any damage during the transport. Eg. dont send tubes in soft postage bags. The packet should carry some weight set on it.
5. Mark your address on outside of the packet.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Sending the packet:

Contact us before the shipping. UralTone amplification do not pay or refund any shipping costs on international orders.

DOMESTIC ORDERS - Sending the packet:

Free Shipping

You'll get free shipping if

1. you're a private customer and you're returning consumable goods (effect pedals, amplifiers etc.) within 14 days from purchase and you paid postage fees. Free return shipping does not apply on products with initial free shipping.
2. the product is returned for warranty service.
3. we have shipped wrong product and it's mistake we made

Take the package prepared to Posti and tell it's the client return to UralTone amplification. Our client id is 613 143 and using this you'll not need to pay any shipping fees. Save the possible tracking code you'll receive.

Returns, which expenses are paid by sender.

1. You're company client and it's regular return of a product.
2. You're returning komponents or other professional electronics which doesn not have automatic right for return.

Take the package prepared to Posti, Matkahuolto, UPS etc. Make sure the delivery is made to door at Helsinginkatu 30. We cannot pick packets from any pickup points.

NOTE: All products which looks used or are missing original packages aren't viable for retunrs.