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Huge stock of audio electronic components and kits! We ship to almost any country. 

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UralTone amplification offers a great selection of components and replacement parts for all kinds of musical electronic equipment. We import all our products, that makes us possible to keep good prices and short delivering times. All our customers get free technical consultation from us, a service that only a few companies can offer!


New Products
  1. Marshall style knob - Push On - Black/Black
    €1.00 €0.81 As low as €0.80

  2. Marshall style knob - set screw - Black/Black
    €1.00 €0.81 As low as €0.80

  3. Marshall style knob - set screw - White/Black
    €1.00 €0.81 As low as €0.80

  4. VEGATREM VT2 ND (no drill) Teletrem Classic Steel
    €329.00 €265.32

  5. Gotoh / Wilkinson VS1300 tremolo - strat - gold
    €199.00 €160.48

  6. UT easy PEDAL - Les Love (Electra) aka Les Lius Tweed Machine pedal DIY kit
    €35.00 €28.23

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