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  1. UralTone Jr reverb combo
    €1,490.00 €1,201.61
    Hand made combo version of UralTone JR amplifier. Everything from design to tightening the last screw is made in our own UralTone shop from best possible materials. Learn More
  2. UralTone Jr reverb
    €995.00 €802.42
    Käsintehty UralTone Jr nuppi ruutupaperista viimeiseen ruuviin asti kasattu ja suunniteltu UralTone:lla parhaista materiaaleista. Learn More
  3. UralTone Giant 250W tube amp kit for bass

    As low as €22.00 €17.74

    UralTone Giant is tube bass amplifier kit with 250W massive output power. It is based on classic British Hiwatt design from the 60s / 70s. Most users use it for bass, but Giant is also great for that well-known tight, super powerful, but still beautiful British guitar sound!

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  4. UralTone 5F1 tweed champ 2.0 kit
    €325.00 €262.10

    Champ 5F1 is one of the most legendary amps ever designed. And for good reason: it sounds great, deliveres all the players nuances and is really easy and cheap to make. Very good DIY project. Learn More
  5. UralTone Princeton Reverb AA1164 tube amp kit

    As low as €695.00 €560.48

    The Princeton Reverb is one of the greatest amplifiers made by Fender. It has just enough power (14W) for many purposes and the sound is gorgeous.

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  6. UralTone 5E3 tweed deluxe tube amp kit v2.0

    As low as €435.00 €350.81

    100 % of 100

    The 5E3 Tweed Deluxe is probably the most legendary guitar amp ever. V2.0 includes an output transformer with impedence selector and if you choose to add it, an additional Headroom control to add power tube distortion earlier or makes the amp more studio/bedroom friendly.

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  7. UralTone TV Reverb amplifier kit - Teemu Viinikainen Custom Deluxe Reverb

    From €765.00 €616.94

    To €1,662.00 €1,340.32

    100 % of 100

    The perfect single-channel Deluxe Reverb (22W) kit in a Princeton Reverb chassis. 

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  8. UralTone JTM45 plexi tube amp kit

    As low as €650.00 €524.19

    100 % of 100

  9. UralTone 5F1 Nos Toaster Tweed kit
    Special Price €275.00 €221.77 Regular Price €299.00
    100 % of 100

    UralTone NOS TOASTER is Champ evolution that uses ALL NOS tubes. Output power is a little lower compared to Champ and the sound is super warm and traditional.

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  10. UralTone Deluxe Reverb 22W kit

    As low as €750.00 €604.84 Regular Price €825.00

    100 % of 100

    UralTone's version of the classic.

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  11. UralTone Jr (3.5-20w) Tube Amplifier Kit (version 3.1)

    As low as €9.99 €8.06

    All tube amplifier kit with vintage spirit. Double single ended output section. Learn More
  12. UralTone Sr 30w tube amp kit

    As low as €399.00 €321.77 Regular Price €499.00

    The UralTone Sr is a tweed sounding traditional tube amp with a switchable fuzz channel. 

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  13. UralTone 5E3 Tweed Deluxe KIT

    As low as €435.00 €350.81

    This is the UralTone 5E3 original version, which has sold a lot. This version is an authentic copy of the original with nothing added and nothing removed. Learn More
  14. UralTone 5F1 Tweed Champ kit

    As low as €340.00 €274.19

    The Champ 5F1 is one of the legendary guitar amps. The UralTone 5F1 kit is a faithful reproduction of the original version.

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  15. UralTone miniature series Solid-State-Baby - 0.3W miniamp

    As low as €32.00 €25.81

    The UralTone Solid-State-Baby is a mini amplifier based on the classic LM386. Learn More
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