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  1. UralTone Euro rack series - Spring Reverb KIT

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    UralTone spring reveb is designed to work as sivilized spring reverb module or instrument of it's own with "open springs" tank. The reverb tank is driven by current amplifier, which drives the tank on same level from low to high frequenzies. Recovery circuit is fitted with two range EQ where the mid range frequenzy is adjustable.

    Kit contains all parts and a front panel for ready module. Kit does not include the reverb tank, potentiometer knobs nor fastening screws to rack.

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  2. UralTone Tube Sounding Micro Mixer kit

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    This product was designed completely for our own needs. Working with various sources; synths, loopers and guitars requires a mixer. A table sized mixer is sometimes way too big. Our vision was to have a good sounding device but not exactly hi-fi. We designed the circuit around a well known MOSFET IC. The sound and simplicity are borrowed from tube circuits. We also added a few nice extras. 

    Clipping: Each channel has its' own (soft) clipper switch, which allows distortion on lower signal levels. Before clipping the signal starts to compress. This clipper works in a similar way to using tape compession.
    Insert: Needed for various effects. The insert connector allows one to use any guitar or studio effect inserted before the channel volume pot. The insert jack works also as a channel output for example for audio interfaces.
    Link: All four channels are linked internally. If a signal is fed to input one, all the rest of the inputs are chained to input one. If channel 1 and 2 are used, channel 1 is used individually and input 2 is linked to channels 3 and 4. This allows parallel signaling, such as clean and distorted channels or different inserted effects for one instrument. Sound: In no way is this intended to sound hi-fi. It is a good sounding, nicely distorting mixer for synths, guitars etc. All channels compress or distort nicely.

    In nutshell: The UralTone tube sounding mixer sounds tasty. It is not an uncolored basic mixer, it's an effect of it's own!


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  3. UT Modular patch cable set (3.5mm mono) 60cm x 50pcs
    €85.00 €68.55
    60cm 3.5mm patch cable set, 10 colours 5pcs per colour. Learn More
  4. UralTone EURORACK road case HP 2x84hp
    €399.00 €321.77

    EURORACK case that you can take on tour without fear of damaging expensive modules.

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  5. UralTone EuroRack series - power supply kit

    As low as €69.00 €55.65

    UralTone eurorack power supply uses 2x1250mA / 30W SMPS-module. The kit is separated in various parts to choose from: Front / brake out panel and the actual power supply board. It's possiple toi chain multiple supply boards for greater power output.

    Power supply uses external 18-36V power brick. This improves the safety not having mains voltages on oftenpartially open Euro case.

    Kit contains parts for ready power supply. It does not inlcude screws for rack mount, nor screws to mount the power supply board to enclosure.

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  6. UralTone EURORACK case #2
    €75.00 €60.48
    Eurorack case made of durable aluminium. Designed and made 100% in Finland. Learn More
  7. UT Modular eurorack patch cable set (3.5mm mono) 100cm x 50pcs
    €85.00 €68.55
    100cm 3.5mm patch cable set, 10 colours 5pcs per colour. Learn More
  8. UT Modular eurorack patch cable set (3.5mm mono) 10x30cm, 10x60cm, 10x100cm
    €50.00 €40.32
    30kpl eurorack patch cables, 3,5mm mono: 10pcs (colours) x 100cm, 10pcs (colours) x 60cm,10pcs (colours) x 30cm Learn More
  9. UralTone Tube Sounding Micro Mixer kit for Eurorack

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    100 % of 100

    From day one, when the original Micro Mixer was published, we got questions about fitting the kit to Eurorack-systems. The original kit did have some extra features added to it's PCB, but due to the option of being battery operated it didn't have enough of space in the enclsoure for these to be added. Now with the space we got from removing the battery option and a bigger front panel, the Eurorack version includes these new features such as alternative 6.3mm input and output jacks, stereo output for headphones, mix bus in for chaining more mixers, selectable aux and aux out, and a switch to select the B output between b-bus and aux-bus.

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  10. UT Modular patch cable set (3.5mm mono) 30cm x 50pcs
    €85.00 €68.55
    30cm 3.5mm patch cable set, 10 colours - 5pcs per colour. Learn More
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