UralTone is distributor for many well known brands. All of the products are available from us and certain main brands also from our dealers. We supply products for end users, music and hifi shops, amp and guitar manufacturers, repair shops in Finland and EU and public sector in Finland.

If you wanted to become dealer, please contact:
Mikko Kankaanpää / mikko@uraltone.com

Main brands (all products available):

-Switchcraft (USA) - Connectors and switches.

-Eminence (USA) - Guitar, bass and PA speakers.

-Jensen / SICA (Italy) - Guitar, Hammond and PA speakers

-WGS - Warehouse Guitar Speakers (USA) - Guitar and bass speakers.

-Cioks (Denmark) - Power supplies for pedal boards.

-Hammond mfg (Canada)  - Transformers and enclosures.

-JJ electronics (slovakia) - Tubes

-Electro Harmonix / Tungsol / Genalex (USA (/  tubes from Russia) - Tubes and guitar / bass effects.

-Palmer (Germany) - Guitar effects, speakers cabinets and accessories.

-Adam Hall (Germany) - Rack and case parts.

-Wilkinson / Wil-series (Korea) - Guitar parts and accessories.

-TOLEX (USA) -  Real Tolex.

-Tube amp Doctor (Germany) - TAD tubes and accessories.

+ Many un-branded guitar parts and components from Asia.

-Distributor, but some key products only:

-CTS (USA) - Guitar potentiometers

-F+T caps (Germany) - Electrolytic caps for tube amps.

-Titebond (USA) - Glues

+ many other brands in stock from other manufacturers in all price and quality ranges.