Pickup orders from the shop

Instructions for pick up orders during corona epidemy

Our shop is on Helsinginkatu 30. We're open from Thursday to Friday from 13:00 to 17:00. We advise checking possible changes at www.uraltone.com.

It's possible to pick-up the orders made and paid without waiting. You can knock on the warehouse door and we´ll0bring out the order at the door. It's possible to pick up prepaid orders made in webshop from Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 17:00.

We let in only one person at a time and using a mask inside our shop is compulsory. We have only one employee at the shop so you may need to wait for a moment. We're sorry for this waiting time. We strongly advise to make the order in advance on that part you know for sure to buy. This way the time spent in the shop is short as possible.

For now, it's not possible to test anything in store. 

Drive-in pickup.

We can deliver your order to your car parked in front of our store. If you want drive in delivery do following:

1. Park your car front of our shop or wait on the sidewalk by the store. If there's no free space, you can park somewhere else and walk to the store. If you're picking up a large and heavy delivery such as a serviced amplifier, you can park temporally in front of the shop on the sidewalk.

2. When you're parked call us on warehouse phone and tell us your name and where you're waiting. We recognize the orders by surname and contents.

3. We deliver your order within few minutes.