UralTone info

UralTone info

  • UralTone RIAA 2.0 - Assembly instructions

    The new version of the UralTone RIAA preamplifier is pretty much the same as the old 1.0 version. Power supply is built on the PCB and the RIAA circuitry to turret board, but now the kit is supplied with in house milled aluminium enclosure and others.
  • PP-EL34 2.0 Assembly pictures

    Assembly pictures of the 2.0 version of the PP-34 kit.
  • UralTone Hifi PP-EL34 assembly instructions

    UralTone PP-EL34 is fine sounding traditional tube amplifier. All parts used in the kit are top notch, all measured values are fine and mechanical structure is very durable. Assembly is easy with supplied layout picture so we can recommend this for novices as well.
  • UralTone Hifi PP-EL34 assembly images

    Pictures of new PP-EL34 tube amp kit.
  • 5F1 Champ - assembly instructions

    Here's the details and info of our 5F1 kit
  • 5e3 Tweed Deluxe - assembly instructions

    We've been asked for many times to publish 5E3 clone kit. We did the layout picture according the parts we have in stock and features we'd like to see in good 5E3. How ever we did not tested this layout pic and then we sort of forgot it totally. Now we finally got it done and we made one prototype according the made plan. We also made part list and made it as product in our store.
  • UralTone Solid-State-Baby 0.3W vahvistin - assembly instructions

    Uraltone Solid-State-Baby is easy to assemlbe, small 0.3W amplifier packed in regular size pedal enclosure. Here's the pictorial of the assembly.
  • UralTone PP-EL84 v1.1 assembly pictures

    These pictures taken of prototype and they are for additional info for those delivered with the kit. This text and photos may change if needed.
  • UralTone HIFI STEREO PP-EL84 tube amplifier

    For a good while we've been planning to publish a simple, durable, relatively easy to assemble and well sounding tube amp kit made out of high quality parts. We've tested whole bunch of various designs but due the lack of time none of these didn't refined as a product to our catalogue. Now the job is complete and we have introduced the UralTone Hifi PP-ELE84.
  • Mauri Pännäri Revenge RIAA kit

    Our selection of Hi-Fi kits are growing. On this time we have build and refined audiovideo.fi published Mauri Pännäri designed RIAA preamp

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